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Invoice Factoring Hamilton and the Waikato Region

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Invoice Factoring Hamilton and the Waikato Region

Businesses throughout Hamilton and the Waikato Region can use Factoring Companies to make improvements to their operations.

If you own a Hamilton company that sells on credit terms to other businesses, you might benefit from factoring your debtors. Does your Debtors Ledger have unpaid invoices? If so, you can get a line of credit immediately by using your customer debtors ledger with debts that are due to be paid.

Invoice Factors makes it easy to obtain receivable financing and normally we can make a decision within 3 to 5 days after we receive all of the necessary information. Call us today to learn if invoice financing is well-suited for your business.

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Which Businesses in Hamilton and the Waikato REgion Qualify for Accounts Receivable Financing?

Hamilton City and the entire Waikato Region are home to many national and local as well as international business. Some of the bigger businesses are the Region’s lifeblood but there are also numerous hundreds or even thousands of smaller businesses in practically every industry. Many of these businesses can benefit from factoring their accounts receivables. There are strong Businesses and Agricultural Companies throughout Waikato and in Hamilton that service the Trade Services, Recruitment, Professional Services, Construction Companies, Freight, Transport, and Farming industries, and much more. Hamilton’s workforce is younger than the nation’s average with 39% of its workforce being highly skilled. Many consider Hamilton to be the most diverse and strongest regional economy in New Zealand. In general, industries in Hamilton and the Waikato regions that qualify for invoice financing tend to be those that sell products and services to other businesses instead of consumers. Farmers are considered to be businesses.

As a general rule of thumb, businesses are able to qualify for accounts receivable financing as long as they generate sales to creditworthy customers on open credit terms, and they are “final sales.” We focus on new or fast-growing companies whose sales histories and past earnings do not qualify them for a traditional loan. In contrast to traditional banks, our financing programs are able to accommodate start-up companies that do not have established financial bases or companies with uneven or seasonal sales patterns.

Invoice Factoring is available for Hamilton now!

  • 3%-5% Discounted Receivable Financing Rates
  • No invoice minimums – No monthly minimums
  • No monthly facility fees
  • Get your account set up in 3 to 5 business days – followed by 24 hour funding
  • Customer referrals on request
  • Receivable credit lines start at 5,000 and up
  • We Make Fast Decisions – Get Started Today

We Simplify The Cashflow Financing Process!

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  • Invoice Factoring for Hamilton, the Waikato region, and the rest of New Zealand

A majority of our clients either:

  • Have cash flow shortages caused by a slow accounts receivable turnover
  • Are fast-growing companies with sales histories and past earnings that do not qualify them for traditional bank loans
  • Are Start-up businesses that do not have a financing base
  • Are Directors with either bad or good credit that are unable to qualify for traditional financing
  • Lost their lines of credit from covenant violations

Is your company growing at a faster rate than your operating capital?

The receivable factoring service offered by Invoice Factorsis a flexible source of funding for businesses. Our Invoice factoring company uses your debtor’s ledger as the advance money and security against your invoice’s face value. Financing receivables is a line of credit that grows in proportion to your sales cycle. We are able to fund from as low as $5,000 per month up to $400,000 or even higher in the right situations.

Call 0800 002 453 now for details on how to Get Started Today

Since not all companies can use accounts receivable financing, Invoice Factors does have other forms of financing available. Asset-based lending is quite similar to traditional bank loans, and we also offer vehicle financing as well as machinery and plant leasing options for your customers. Give Invoice Factors a call today for more information on factoring receivables and on our services.

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Invoice Factors services the entire country of New Zealand.

We can provide funding for clients for almost every major industry including manufacturers, distributors, service providers, importers, construction, medical providers, and transportation for both large and mid-sized businesses.

Invoice Factors is focused on offering financial services to mid-sized and small businesses. Offering invoice factoring services is the core product that we provide but we will provide equipment and plant fundings, vehicle financing, and also lease to buy services to allow your customers to buy from you.

We provide funding to a wide range of different industries and provide flexible funding requirements that a majority of businesses that sell products or provide services can qualify for easily.

We are able to fund customers for almost all major industries, including manufacturers, distributors, service providers, importers, construction, medical providers, and transportation large and mid-size businesses.

Call us on 0800 002 453 today so we can discuss how invoice factoring can help your business.

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